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Center House Enterprises is an employment program that supports people with disabilities so they can work and earn money. Center House Enterprises has been in operation since 1972. We provide quality products and services to community businesses while promoting opportunities for people with disabilities.

Center House offers a trained and efficient workforce for your business. When working at communityworksites, employees receive on-the-job training, customized to the employers’ needs, by BayCove’s skilled employment placement professionals. Employment professionals provideon-going support to both the employee and thehiring businesses by acting as a liaison.
Center House Enterprises Offers
Trained, Skilled Workers
¦ Individual qualified workers to work at business worksites
¦ Skilled team supported by employment professionals to work at business work sites
¦ Professional workers to complete mailing,
fulfillment and packaging at Bay Cove’s convenient facility

21 Drydock Ave.
Boston, MA 02210
Tel 617.878.2500
Fax 617.426.3980
Center House Enterprises is a program of Bay Cove Human Services, Inc.

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