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The 10th Anniversary Kit Contains all Flying Lure Styles and Sizes. A perfect gift for your favorite fisherman!


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Flying Lure Fishing - From The Inventor
By Alex Langer

Insights and pictures from Bass Legends, Rick Clunn, Guido and Dion Hibdon and TV Fishing Host, Don Meissner. This is the first book written EXPLAINING IN DETAIL the proven worldwide Flying Lure technique WRITTEN BY ITS INVENTOR. This illustrated 147 page book tears the cover off all the secrets of how to catch the very biggest fish, where to find fish, even on heavily fished waters...How to be a master of this deadly method. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING & HANDLING. ORDER LINE 941-255-0061.

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Dear Friends,

After millions sold in over 70 countries, the Flying Lure remains the favorite of fishermen and fisherwomen around the world...because it catches fish.

Please write or email us to tell us of your success, send us a picture, ask us a question, or just say hello.

Good Fishing,

Alex Langer
Inventor of the Flying Lure










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