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The Flying Lure

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"Flying Lures are the best catch in town!"
-Mike in Boston
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Dear Friends,

After millions sold in over 70 countries, the Flying Lure remains the favorite of fishermen and fisherwomen around the world...because it catches fish.

Please write or email us to tell us of your success, send us a picture, ask us a question, or just say hello.

Good Fishing,

Alex Langer
Inventor of the Flying Lure

ORDER LINE: 941-255-0061

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The lure is so deceptively simple that people often ask, "WHERE'S THE MOTOR?". But, there is no motor. The Flying Lure patented system consists of a perfectly weighted jighead used in conjunction with a flat hydrofoil soft lure surface to make the Flying Lure propel itself forward -- in the opposite direction of all other lures. THAT'S WHY IT SWIMS INTO ALL THOSE UNTOUCHABLE PLACES WHERE BIG FISH HIDE. That's why the Flying Lure has set personal, local and national records worldwide. Order Online: 941-255-0061

The 10th Anniversary Kit Contains all Flying Lure Styles and Sizes. A perfect gift for your favorite fisherman!
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